Bezvests – Application for finding missing people

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The Story behind

Every day people are going missing and unfortunately will keep going missing, that’s the sad reality we live in. It can be elderly people, kids, people with disabilities or someone who is in trouble

What is really of any importance, is that the family that came to such distress situation is not left alone, without support, help, and hope. is a volunteer and charity organisation that is searching for missing people in Latvia and we wanted to help them out with that important mission.


Chili Labs created solution:

Usually searching is done by the local police department or by a group of trained individuals like with strong GPS tools to mark locations and communication devices.
That limits the resources and unfortunately narrows the search area to territory that can be searched by a limited amount of people.

We have realized, all of us have a device that is in their pocket every day. It has all the necessary functionality to assist in searching for lost people.
Chili Labs took the mission to make a software that would turn your phone into searching and coordination device.

Admin screen

Admin can:
-Monitor where are the groups, and any particular leader
-Tracking of trails, so you know for sure, what locations were cleared
-Sending nearby people to exact locations
-Attach photos and comments of found items

Admin screen

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