Flutter Development.

Our top priority here at Chili is providing clients with the most optimal solution to the problem. When talking about building high-performance high load applications there is nothing like native. But developing and maintaining 2 separate applications is resource consuming and, quite often, unnecessary.
When building a new thing, often the ideas are ahead of the documentation and the documentation is ahead of the code.
(Chris Lattner)

Flutter ?!

Flutter is a cross-platform development solution created and supported by Google. Unlike in native development, in cross-platform the code base is shared across both mobile OS’s. This approach gives a lot of benefits. There are several other cross-platform development tools, but we prefer flutter because:

1. Development speed

Since applications for both platforms will share a code base, that means you need half as many developers than for native. Fewer development hours mean less total cost for the product overall.

2. Consistency

Shared codebase also means that all your business logic will be implemented only once and therefore will be consistent between platforms.

3. Look and feel

The way Flutter handles UI components allows to easy follow Google Material Design or Apple Human Interface guidelines.

4. QA

Shared code base eliminates bugs caused by platform inconsistencies, and makes unit testing more affordable.

5. Maintenance

Adding or editing features requires changes only in one place.

6. Popularity

Flutter is supported by Google, has a strong open source community, regular conferences.

There is no silver bullet.

Sometimes you want to you use those top-notch hardware features, or take advantage of cutting edge software updates. In such situations native is the way to go.

No pressure

This is a choice that Chili will help you make considering all your needs, wants and plans. Let's build products together! Drop us a line ->

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Tair Rzayev
Tair Rzayev.
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Taking the right route with Flutter.

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Tair Rzayev.
3 Apr 2020
Taking the right route with Flutter.