Why choose us?

Chili focuses on mobile applications development, and our high level of competence is demonstrated by our cooperation with well-known companies such as Fastrope Labs, Webmoney, First Swiss Card, Ideal Marketing Company, Tecco and tons of clients on NDA 😅

It is possible that you will also wish to join said list, since as far as development is concerned, we perform the entire project cycle ourselves. You need not worry about the details: you are a professional in your own field, and we will help you take your rightful place in the world of mobile applications. Project conception, design, prototyping, development, testing and release in App Store and Google Play – we take care of all these things, while you focus on other important matters.

We take your specific features and iOS and Android platform development recommendations into account, ensuring the smooth running of your mobile application on any of your customer’s devices. Thanks to our vast experience in social and financial application development, our specialists adopt an individual approach to your order and, by default, will avoid many of the mistakes commonly made by less experienced companies in their work. More than five years worth of experience in mobile application speak in our favour, and our general experience in IT project development spans more than a decade. Our specialists worked for companies such as Odnoklassniki (Mail.ru group), Dukascopy Swiss Bank and Qiwi Wallet – which is another strong argument in favour of working with us.

We like to share our experience with other developers, that’s why we organise “Mobile Developers Latvia” Meetup. Also we’ve started our open source activity – Chili on GitHub.

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